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Welcome to our range of Commercial Vehicle Wind-Powered Roof Ventilators, where innovation meets sustainability for a breath of fresh air on the road. Engineered to perfection, these roof ventilators harness the power of the wind to enhance cabin and load area ventilation, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing environment for drivers and passengers in commercial vehicles.

Our wind-powered roof ventilators are crafted with high-quality materials, providing reliable performance in various commercial vehicle settings. Seamlessly integrated into the vehicle’s roof, these ventilators contribute to effective temperature control and optimal air circulation.

Experience the benefits of eco-friendly ventilation solutions that go beyond expectations. Elevate your driving experience with our Commercial Vehicle Wind-Powered Roof Ventilators, where innovation and sustainability drive superior comfort on the road. Trust in our commitment to quality and efficiency for a ventilator that stands out in both performance and environmental impact.


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The Flettner TCX-GE™ Ventilator is a cost effective wind powered ventilation product that can be used on buildings as part of a radon gas or other harmful gas mitigation strategy.

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