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At Transquip we stock a wide range of In-Vehicle first aid kits for all motoring needs to ensure fleet users are compliant. BS8599  first aid kit requirements in the UK are for commercial vehicles, including vans, trucks, taxis, and company vehicles to carry a first aid kit. While it’s not a legal requirement for private vehicles, having a kit could give you the supplies you need to help someone in an emergency and even save a life.


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This is the most compact 500ml station we offer. Each 500ml sterile eyewash solution bottle has its own moulded position and can easily be accessed in an emergency.

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This green, wipe clean plastic eyewash station comes complete with shatter proof mirror and two bottles of 500ml saline eyewash solution.

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This Winter Driving Kit is an essential item for the vehicle user during the winter months to ensure you beat the snow and ice and ensure you don’t get caught out this winter on the road

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BS8599-1 Premier Medium First Aid Kit from Steroplast includes the necessary medical products for first aid at a low risk or high risk workplace as per the British standard BS8599-1

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The Blue Dot HSE Travel Kit in Velcro Pouch contains basic first aid components for mobile first aiders. This kit is popular with organised groups who require individual kits for outdoor activity.

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Our Standard eye wash dispenser complies, plus includes additional recommended HSE items. Rapid response is required for any eye injuries sustained in the workplace.

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