GreaseApe are a lubrication company based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Since 2018 they have supplied products to the Automotive, Engineering, DIY, Marine, Agricultural & Hardware industries.


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GreaseApe Brake cleaner is a specialized cleaning solution designed specifically for cleaning brake components. It is formulated to quickly dissolve and remove brake dust, oil, and other contaminants from brake discs, calipers, and pads.

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GreaseApe Maintenance spray, also known as multi-purpose spray, is a versatile lubricant that can be used for a wide range of applications. It is designed to provide lubrication, protection, and cleaning properties to various mechanical components.

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GreaseApe Silicone spray grease is a versatile lubricant that offers a range of features and benefits. It is a combination of silicone oil and a thickening agent, which gives it a semi-solid texture that allows it to adhere to surfaces and provide long-lasting lubrication.

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GreaseApe White lithium grease is a type of lubricant that is widely used for various mechanical and industrial applications. It is made by combining a high-quality base oil with a lithium soap thickener, which gives it excellent lubricating properties.

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GreasApe Clear spray grease is a type of lubricant that comes in a spray form and is transparent or clear in appearance. It is commonly used in various applications where a clean and non-staining lubricant is required

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