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Van Vault Storage Boxes: The Ultimate Solution for Secure Tool Storage
Enforced by Transport for London, The Direct Vision Standard (DVS) was designed to make the streets of London safer for pedestrians and cyclists. A rating scale from zero (poor) to five stars (good) measures the drivers direct view through the windows of a HGV cab, indicating the level of risk to vulnerable road users. From October 2024, all vehicles over 12 tonnes, with a 2-star rating or lower need to be fitted with the new Progressive Safe System (PSS) to operate in Greater London. A new set of vehicle safety measures will be implemented to reduce the risk HGVs present to vulnerable road users.
Just as you need to keep your home ventilated, it is important to keep vehicles well ventilated too, both for the safety and comfort of passengers and the durability of the vehicle. Vehicles can get smelly, hot and stuffy if not ventilated properly, and moisture may build up. To prevent this from happening, it is important to keep your vehicle well ventilated.
According to HSE, approximately 2,000 people are injured as a result of falling from a vehicle each year. Employers have a legal duty and responsibility to ensure that the safety of their employees is not put at risk.
MIRRORSHIELD found its roots back in 2016 with the launch of just one vehicle mirror protector to suit the MAN TGS, driven by customer feedback in the search for something other than the traditional stainless steel guards, and a solution which did not require changing the entire mirror.
More and more business is being conducted on our busy roads; be it transporting goods, a mobile workplace that brings the business to the customer, or simply travelling from place to place on business. As an employer, you have a number of legal requirements to satisfy, procedures to implement and documentation to record.
Wheel nut indicators – how they work. Transquip provide an overview of the uses and why wheel nut indicators are an essential product to be using for all todays fleet operators.
Transquip Introduce the ‘ARKA’ range of Italian made plastic truck toolboxes. ARKA is the latest line of toolboxes from Daken. Guarantee of high quality, durability, modularity and ease of transport.
Transquip Introduce the ‘JUST’ range of Italian made plastic truck toolboxes. The JUST range are manufactured in Italy by DAKEN and are suited for light to medium-duty use.
The use of Chapter 8 compliant vehicle livery is considered DfT best practice and TGS recommend that any vehicles stopping on UK roads for works or inspection purposes should be compliant.
The automotive market is currently going through its most significant change. The internal combustion engine, the central technology for the development of cars is being phased out across the world.
New for 2022 TGS Parts is proud to announce its official distributor/partnership with Daken S.p.A. Daken S.p.A is leader in the production and…
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